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Edderton's New Church - 30 09 2015

Edderton’s New Church

Christmas time is here again!

Dear Friends,

Yes, we are nearly there again. Christmas is one of the two key festivals of the Church calendar (the other being Easter). I can remember being taken by my parents to Church for the ‘midnight service’ on Christmas Eve. In those days I sang in the church choir and was the lead chorister. It was always an exciting time with all the build up to the Big Day itself. Part of the attraction of going to Church on Christmas Eve was to be able to ‘welcome’ Christmas Day itself and to be the first to wish each other a ‘Happy Christmas’. Boyhood memories of all the great carols we sang, the symbols of Christmas – the beauty of the Christmas tree and, the crib itself with all the characters of the Christmas story. Thank God, it is still as potent and meaningful today. People still make a special effort to gather with loved ones in churches across the country.

Why is this so? Ordinary people like you and I still need ‘God’. The Christian Church still offers a message of ‘hope’ to the war torn countries of Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq. A message of ‘hope’ to the starving and the homeless that shines out across the world! Of one thing we can be certain, the real present to aching human hearts is that of the love of God in the baby Jesus, who was born into this world to set us free. At the end of the old year and the gateway to the New Year, Jesus Christ offers us all a new beginning and ‘hope’ for the future. 2016 has been an exciting year with so many developments on the world stage. We join with our friends across the Atlantic and we pray for America as it faces a new dawn and a new presidency. The message of the angels at the first Christmas was “Peace on earth, goodwill to all people.”

We hope that, amidst all the business of the season, you will once again find time to join us as we celebrate Christmas together in the Church at Edderton and with our friends in the neighbouring communities.

A Happy Christmas and a healthy and prosperous New Year to you all!

Please remember if you would like me to visit you at home or in hospital, you can phone me and I shall be happy to call by on my regular rounds.

Rev’d Anthony M. Jones


Sunday 1st January (New Year’s Day) at 11.00am – New Year Service for all the Kyle churches at Creich Church, Bonar Bridge


If you wish or need to contact the Minister you can do so by phoning 01863 766 285 or e-mailing revanthonyjones@yahoo.com.