Volunteers Required for Emergencies

Back in October 2017 the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service launched the Community Asset Register (CAR).

Essentially this is a register of volunteers who have a particular asset or skill which they feel could be used to support emergency services and responders at an incident.

Examples include someone with a boat who could be called in times of flooding to assist evacuate people from houses to a place of safety.  Similarly someone with a 4X4 may be used in times of severe snow to transport vulnerable people to a community hall.

Further information about the CAR can be found on the link below:

Unfortunately, it is impossible to gauge how often a volunteer will be requested.

Mobilisations can be determined by severe weather, a specific type of asset/skill required for the incident, the emergency services availability and resources in the area and the location of the volunteer.

It must be stressed that even when someone has registered, they are under no obligation to mobilise when they are called by the Operations Control centre.

For anyone wishing to register an interest and request a form they should send an e-mail to:  A registration form will then be sent for completion, along with guidelines on how to complete the registration process.

Lynn Sharp – Project Officer – Knowledge Management, Improvement Service, Scottish Community Councillors Development Network


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5th February 2018

Beinn Tharsuinn Wind Farm Fund Ltd

There is currently a vacancy for a Director to represent Edderton on the Board of this company.   Edderton is entitled to have two Directors on the Board, though there is only one vote between them.

If anyone is interested in becoming a Director of this wind farm fund, please make contact with Donald Clarke on or phoning 01862 821 265 – as soon as you can.

Ted Venn – 6th December 2017