Advanced Warning – Military Exercise – 21 06 2018

Please note that training will be taking place on Tain ranges this week that will be different from normal activities.  Royal Engineers from Kinloss Barracks will be conducting training using demolition charges and explosives on Thursday, June 21st.  The exercise is scheduled to take place between 0900 and 1700, but these timings could narrow considerably closer to the time.  There will be a number of explosions as various charges are detonated, and some effects may be visible for some distance.

The military hope that this special exercise will not cause too much disruption, though much will depend upon wind direction.  This advanced warning has been issued in order to minimise any alarm that may be caused.  The police, Fire Control Centre and Coastguard have all been informed.

Maj (Retd) Phillip N Curtis

Training Safety Officer, Highlands North Training Facilities, UK Defence Training Estate,

Tain Rosshire, IV19 1FG

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