Edderton Primary School

Forthcoming Events

This year our School Nativity Play is called “Christmas with Aliens”.  The play will be held on Friday, December 16th  at 6.30pm in the Community Hall followed by a Christmas Ceilidh organised by Edderton Parent Council.

December 16th is also Christmas Jumper Day and this year we are raising money for The Highland Hospice.  Everyone brings £1 and wears a Christmassy Jumper.

On Thursday, December 22nd we are having a Christmas service in the Church at 10.00am – all welcome.


Our school would welcome anyone from the community who would like to help out in any way. Please contact the school if you would like to get involved.

Kirsten Macneil

17th November 2016

News from the School

This year the Primary School held its own Remembrance Ceremony at the War Memorial. This took place on Friday, November 11th, and coincided with the Two Minute’s Silence at eleven o’clock in the morning.

Children laying their wreath at the War Memorial
Children laying their wreath at the War Memorial

The following items were written by the schoolchildren and also appeared in the Winter Edition of the Community Newsletter.   The contributions from the school and by our school children are very much appreciated – Ed.

War Memorial – On Friday, November 11th Edderton Primary School went down to the War Memorial for Armistice Day. Two boys from P7 laid a wreath at the memorial and our only P7 girl read a poem about poppies that was called “Why Are They Selling Poppies Mummy?”  We then had a two-minute silence to remember those who were killed in the war and in all the other wars since. We also had a look at all the names engraved on the memorial.  Murdo & Ally

World War 1

On Tuesday, November 8th everyone at school came together for a World War 1 Day. We held artillery shells, which were very heavy! Miss De Jonckheere brought the shells in from home. She also brought some little pellets called shrapnel that go in the shells. They killed many soldiers in WW1. We also held a (sighting) scope that the gunner used to coordinate where the target was.  Murdo & Ally

Macmillan Coffee Afternoon

As most of you know, Edderton Primary School had a Macmillan Coffee Afternoon on Friday, October 7th. Thank you to all who attended the coffee afternoon and helped us to raise a whopping £454.08!  Michael P6

Bench Ball

On Tuesday, November 1st we took part in the Bench Ball competition at Golspie Games Hall – it was hard work!  The team of six pupils from Edderton Primary School thought they had come second . . . – but we came first!  Woo! Hooo!  We felt amazing!   Ayleen

The Bench Ball Winners!
The Bench Ball Winners!

Football Competition

We won the football competition in the mixed teams.  We played Golspie, Dornoch, Brora, Gledfield and Helmsdale. We beat everyone and it was fun!  Keith & Ross

The Football Winners!
The Football Winners!

Rocks And Minerals

With Miss DJ, the P5-7 class have been learning about rocks and minerals – it has been fun. We learnt that a sedimentary rock is formed within water and that fossils are usually found in them, such as Ammonites – squid-like creatures whose fossil remains are like a coil. Igneous rocks are made of (volcanic) magma and lava. We made crystals, an exploding volcano, a fossil and a sedimentary rock. Alexander

And Poems, too:

The Halloween Nightmare

The beautiful day turned black

As the thunder struck back

And a tsunami attacked.

The village was in fear

With the sound of screams

And the lightening beams

The dark moon was rising

As a small child was crying

And the sun fell dying


Class P5-7 wrote the following poem after having lessons about the First World War and Hallowe’en.   A different child wrote each line of the poem – Ed.


As the clock strikes the thirteenth hour

The chair I sat on spoke to me.

Old people celebrated being young.

Wolves howled,

Eyes glowed,

Glasses break,

Flowers die,

And monsters exist.

The road turned into a river of cement.

Windows smashed,

Doors opened

And a howl ‘screeked ‘ out!

Gas leaked from mid air

All teachers popped.

Ploughing the field

Turning over murdered bodies.

On top of the hill a river of blood

Pours pieces of body.

And Pumpkin Pacmen eat people and buildings

As the clock struck the thirteenth hour!

The school’s website – www.eddertonprimary.wordpress.com – is continually being updated, so please have a look to see what the pupils are doing.

The school can be contacted by phone 01862 821 260 and by e-mail edderton.primary@highland.gov.uk