Edderton Community Hall

Chairperson: Ewen Simpson – 01862 821 338 and 07776 400 576 – simpson.dounie@tiscali.co.uk

Vice Chair: Donna Laing – 01862 821 277 and 07921 020 966 – donn_66@hotmail.co.uk

Treasurer: David Balfour – 01862 821 645 and 07527 445 156 – david.loma@baileybalfour.com

Secretary: Ted Venn – 01862 821 750 and 07748 637 757 – tedvenn@uwclub.net

Booking Manager: Donna Laing – 01862 821 277 and 07921 020 966 – donn_66@hotmail.co.uk

Ted Venn – June 14th, 2017

Bookings: Please note that from July 1st until July 11th Donna will not be available to take bookings.  In her absence please contact either David or Ewen using the above contact details.

Ted Venn – 16th June 2017

Regular Hall Events and Activities

Whist Club – every Second Thursday during the winter months 7.30pm to 9.30pm

Mobile Post Office – Wednesdays between 10.00am and 12 noon

Drama Club – Wednesdays from 6.30pm until 8.00pm

Management of the Hall

Until recently Edderton Hall Management Committee (EHMC) ran the Village Hall.  During 2015 this changed and the Hall is now run by Edderton Community Hall SCIO (Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation).  One of the benefits of this change is that the community, through the Edderton Community Hall SCIO, can seek to buy the hall from the Highland Council for a nominal fee.  This would then open up opportunities to seek funding to extend or improve the facilities within the hall or to do things like install solar panels.

The structure of the new charity is as follows:

Members have the right to attend members’ meetings (including any annual general meeting) and have important powers under the constitution; in particular, the members appoint people to serve on the board and take decisions on changes to the constitution itself. Membership is open to any individual aged 16 or over who is ordinarily resident in the Edderton area.

The Board (formerly known as the management committee) holds regular meetings and generally controls the activities of the organisation; for example, the board is responsible for monitoring and controlling the financial position of the organisation.

The current committee has taken over the role of the Board of the new charity for the time being.  The first AGM of the new charity took place on October 20.

Ewen Simpson (Chair)