Edderton Community Council

The Council normally meets on the first Tuesday of the month, except for July and August when no meetings are held.   The Community Council is an “Open Meeting” to which all members of the public are invited to attend.  Meetings are held in the Community Hall.

Meeting Summaries

September 5th, 2017

Police Report: It was reported that there had been two recent road incidents involving sheep. As a number of strange vehicles had been seen around Edderton, the police requested villagers to be vigilant.

Public concern was again raised over speeding vehicles on the Struie Road (B9176) in the vicinity of Aultnamain, and the police were asked to take a more proactive approach to tackle this problem.

Resignation: Due to an increase in his work, David Balfour has had to resign from the Community Council. As a consequence a vacancy exists for a community councillor.

Broadband: Although an application for a grant from the Beinn Tharsuinn Wind Farm Fund has now been withdrawn, the Broadband Project is going ahead and should be operational by the end of this year. Considerable criticism was directed at the Community Council over the way that it had dealt with the proposition offered by Highland Wireless & IT Solutions Ltd to provide Edderton with a better broadband service, and in particular to the outlying areas of the village.

Play Park Equipment: Jim McGillivray (Highland Councilor) informed the meeting that ring-fenced money for repairing and replacing play park fencing and equipment seems to have disappeared, but he was hopeful that alternative ways to provide the necessary funding could be found and that he would do all that he could to ensure that the outstanding work is completed as soon as possible. It was noted from comments made that there appears to be a general malaise within Highland Council that has resulted in a failure to deliver its commitments.

Dog-Fouling: This is a growing concern. The Highland Council Dog Warden has indicated that wheelie bins for dog waste will be provided to help eliminate the problem.

Radio Mast on the Struie Hill: There is currently a pre-planning application to replace the existing radio mast with a stronger structure. The new mast would be the same height as the existing mast but broader.

Road Issues: Speeding traffic continues to be a source of anxiety on all local roads. An Aultnamain resident urgently requested Highland Council to erect signs to indicate the concealed entrance at Aultnamain to motorists using the B9176.

The requested advanced warning sign for the junction of the single-track road to Edderton (U1878) and the Struie Road (B9176) is still awaited, despite the installation of a number of new road signs directing traffic to Balblair Distillery, as well as within the village along the A836. Jim McGillivray informed the meeting that it was Highland Council’s intention to erect warning signs for this junction, which is on a bend, in the very near future.

Damage to passing-place signs and bollards caused by last year’s verge cutting along the U1878 is still to be repaired. Jim McGillivray undertook to remind Highland Council.

The Annual Village Clean Up: This took place on Friday, August 25th. It was noted that litter is once again disfiguring the Struie Road and that another litter-picking event will have to be organised for that road. Concern was also raised that the bins outside Edderton Community Hall were not being emptied.

Footpaths: Plans for an extension to the area’s core footpaths were considered to be unrealistic, especially through Casandamff Woodland. Highland Council’s Footpath Officer, Matt Dent, will be asked to attend the next meeting of Edderton Community Council.

Daymarks: Highland Council’s proposal to erect a number of daymark pyramids in order to promote tourism was condemned as a waste of money, and particularly so when cuts to local authority funding has resulted in many services being reduced or axed. Each daymark would cost £3000, plus another £3000 to install.

Date of Next Meeting: Tuesday, October 3rd, 2017 at 7.30pm.

June 6th, 2017

Prior to the commencement of the evening’s two meetings, David Balfour paid tribute to Reay Clarke who died on May 17th, aged 93. Reay had done much for the village of Edderton during his life. A former Chairperson of Edderton’s Community Council, Reay was also a well-respected historian.

(1) At the AGM that preceded the normal monthly meeting, the Chairman gave a report on the year’s completed activities, which included the restoration of the War Memorial; support for a proposal to build two semi-detached homes at 13 Carrieblair Crescent; and efforts to keep vehicles taking timber from Casandamff Woodland away from village roads. Current issues being pursued included the on-going delay by Highland Council to repair play park equipment; an effort to reduce the speed restriction on the main road to 30mph; and consideration of a project to improve the broadband connection to outlying parts of the community. Failures with the planning process had been a concern during the past year and representations had been made to Highland Council.

The Treasurer presented the audited Annual Accounts, which were accepted.

All community councillors were re-elected unopposed.

(2) Monthly Council Meeting

Road Safety: Concern was raised over speeding vehicles on the Struie Road (B9176) in the vicinity of Aultnamain, as well as within the village, and in Carrieblair Crescent in particular. The police will be asked to monitor these areas, and Highland Council will be asked for measures to improve road safety on the B9176. Jim McGillivray (Highland Councillor) will pursue the latter with Highland Council. Measures sought for Aultnamain were a speed restriction, double white lines to restrict overtaking and signs to indicate the concealed entrance into Aultnamain. The delay in erecting signs on the B9176 to indicate the junction to Edderton was also raised, as well as the reluctance to place double white lines on this stretch of road as it bends round past the Edderton junction. Jim McGillivray will also bring this issue to the attention of Highland Council.

Broadband: A survey is currently underway to ascertain the strength of interest in the Community Broadband Project that is being offered to Edderton by Highland Wireless & IT Solutions Ltd. Disappointingly, the response has so far been slow to materialise, though this is beginning to change.

The lack of any detailed information about costs was a factor that many people had raised, though until the level of support had been established it was difficult to be too precise. An additional factor was that much of the costing for the project was commercially sensitive. Another issue raised was competitive quotes from other companies, especially BT. The meeting was reminded that BT had been approached last winter about its poor broadband service to much of Edderton and after a lengthy delay had replied stating that although 100% coverage for high-speed broadband by 2021 was still the target, BT would find it too expensive to achieve this in the Northern Highlands. BT had further suggested that alternative solutions such as satellite broadband might be a better way forward for remote areas.

A public meeting will be arranged in the Community Hall so that Highland Wireless & IT Solutions Ltd can fully explain its proposal and answer any questions that are almost certainly to be raised. This meeting is now likely to take place in the early part of July, but before then outlying properties that haven’t responded to the survey may be visited and an information sheet may be distributed to these properties using the Newsletter distribution network.

On-Going Local Issues: Whilst work to install floodlighting to the War Memorial was now underway, other measures that were taking an age to complete were discussed. These included the “Smiley Face” speed sign on the Tain side of the village, which despite some remedial work was only partially working. Highland Councillor Jim McGillivray reported that white lining on the A836 within the village should commence this summer, and that white lining on the Struie Road (B9176) is expected to start this month – weather permitting. As for the play park fencing and repairs, Jim McGillivray informed the meeting that this long delayed work should be underway soon, and he passed on apologies from Highland Council for the excessive delay, which had been caused by staff changes.

Poor Condition of Local Roads: A resident brought the state of the A836 between the Dornoch Bridge Roundabout and Ardgay to the attention of the meeting. Ruts in the road and along its edges were making the road dangerous. This situation was made worse by speeding timber vehicles. Although the police have been advised of the excessive speed of timber vehicles, more needs to be done to reduce speed, make the road safer and protect the road surface. All three Highland Councillors present (Deirdre Mackay, Jim McGillivray and Richard Gale) were detailed to take steps to improve road conditions on the A836 and B9176 (particularly on the Dalneich Bridge where a large hole in the parapet could result in a terrible accident), and to reduce the speed of timber vehicles using these roads and hence the wear and tear of the surface.

Other Issues Raised: Dog fouling within the village was an increasing problem. Highland Council’s Dog Warden will be asked to take action.

The Annual Village Clean Up: This will take place on the last Friday in August – August 25th.

Next Scheduled Meeting: Tuesday, September 5th, 2017 at 7.30pm.