Boat Club

Boat Club Meeting on June 8th, 2016

Disappointingly only three people attended this meeting.  As a consequence the idea of a Boat Club has been shelved for the time-being.  However, if, during the summer months, an interest in forming such a club is detected then the idea might be resurrected if sufficient support can be guaranteed.

Ted Venn – 13th June 2016

Boat Club Meeting

A meeting has been arranged for Wednesday, June 8th at the Community Hall to explore the possibility of establishing a Boat Club within Edderton.  The meeting will commence at 7.30pm.

The main aim of the meeting will be to establish the amount of support for such a club, so if you have a boat or even just interested in boating please do come along to this meeting.

Ted Venn – 19th May 2016

A Boat Club for Edderton

It has been suggested that as there are a number of boat owners within the village it might be worthwhile to form a village Boat Club. The initial aim of such a club would be the provision of a pontoon, possibly at Ardmore. A club would also bring boat owners together for both boating and social purposes. If a club is established it would be open to all forms of boating, from canoes and dinghies to motorboats and sailing boats. As a first step the level of support will need to be ascertained, and in this connection it would be helpful if those interested in establishing an Edderton Boat Club would contact me – – within the next few weeks and by March 1st at the latest. With sufficient numbers responding in a positive way, the next step would be to arrange a meeting in the next few months to discuss the way forward.

Ted Venn – 20th January 2016