Place Names around Edderton

Place Names in the vicinity of Edderton

Aultnamain, Alltnamain – irony water, burn of ore

Ardmore – great promontory

Ardvannie – monk’s point

Bal – village

Balblair – village field, village on the plain

Balleigh – physician’s town (where wounded were treated after the Battle of Carrieblair in the 9th Century)

Blair – field, battlefield

Bhlàir – the plain of battle

Bogrow – wet place

Cairn – heap of stones

Cambuscurrie – bay of the coracle or marshy bay

Carrieblair – Carrie’s field

Cnoc an t’sabhail – Barn Hill

Cnoc muigh-bhlàraidh – rounded hill outside (muigh) level (raidh) field, battlefield (bhlàir)

Craggan – little rock

Craigroy – red rock

Dallas – plateau

Dann – two (da) rivers (a)

Dounie – fort

Edderton – from Eadar-Dun meaning between forts

Garbad – the rough clump

Gluich – wet, sticky, muddy

Inchintaury – grassy meadow used in summer

Lechanich – sloping hillside

Meikle – big

Pollagharrie – pool of the cutting, small lochan

Réidh – plain, level, smooth, straight, uninterrupted, clear of obstruction

Rhanich – circular enclosure or fort

Struie – place of streams

Source: Partially from ‘Place Names of Ross and Cromarty” by W J Watson around Edderton